The Academy Media Group, Paid Internships Offered

The Academy Media Group will be accepting new content submissions for both Original Chicago Magazine and The Academy Magazine ...

If your submission outline/idea is accepted you will be contacted, likely asked a couple of questions and given some additional information on the possibility of being allowed your own magazine page, to highlight your passion.

Now here is the deal ....

The Academy Media Group is a newly formed nonprofit that will be a true Media Group. publishing both magazines and books, live online MEVO and some videographer broadcasts of our city neighborhoods and area sports events, theater listings, pages for inspiring actors, models and industry types...providing 'tear sheets' and much more.

Initially, on acceptance of your story or idea, the Director will set a value for your page somewhere between $99.00 and $299.00 for the insertion. Info on value and such will be answered with an idea submission.

You will then create a page based on one of the agreed criteria listed below. 

Skills & Qualifications: 

Magazines will be offered in both print and digital issues, this allows ‘Live Links’ to any of your work or site to further promote your own passion.

Adobe InDesign … Magazine page setup using our templates or create your own, have Adobe down great check out HP’s MagCloud site and tell us of your skills and abilities to be part of our team.

Videographers … Being formed to support Amateur Sport you may get some exposure beyond your current passion with credit for film work with a live link on your page to your own work. Also consider doing reproductions of existing advertisements, like that new commercial … well create your own, show Corporate America what you can do.

Writers … Original Chicago Magazine that will be promoted on the Original Chicago FB page with near 55,000 active members. Beyond amateur sport, we will feature city neighborhood stories, attraction promotion…zoo…museum and more as ideas come forward.
Our other, The Academy Magazine will be more ‘athlete’ and action star based … This is the magazine that will do full-page spreads on individuals that in the end will become tear sheets. Theater coverage, Industry insights, martial arts of all styles and monthly write-ups on facilities involved in training our children and adults no matter their passion…..the arts or the industry.

Likely seeing cross-posting as a possibility, well you are correct. Both the Academy and Original Chicago pages will work to promote all within each issue.

Photographers … A great opportunity for that hard to reach Corporate type to take notice … pick an existing print ad and tell us how you could reproduce it with your own skills and people. If accepted as a photographer your work on publication will be sent to whatever corporate office represents the product or service highlighted….with your live link, they just may find your work interesting.

Web Development … 3 sites are going up over the next few weeks … show us what you can do.

There are more areas open for employment at this nonprofit so if you have a skill that could help with magazines, books, athlete or facility promotion, or writing social media posts…let us know your thoughts.

To Apply: 

To apply simply give us some background on your skills ….

An idea of your passion, are you a writer, photographer…you get the idea.

Have you done non-profit work before?

We will respond to you, sending a placement test of sort with our response and any questions we may have on your submission.

Initially, this is a Paid Intern type of position …. BUT …. 2 magazines now, 4 by years end along with book publishing …. Actual full-time employment may be in the future at The Academy for some who submit.

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Anthony Herrera
Contact Phone Number: 
800 591 0391